Monday, May 10, 2010

Luxurious Hotels in Thailand

Thailand is the favourite spot of many tourist all around the world. Reason is their awesome location near beach and affordable price.

But there are few luxurious hotels which can make your experience more enjoyable and great. One name of such hotel is Anantara. This is a chain of hotels, spa and resorts with top class quality.

Today lets see their hotels at Lawana, Koh Samui, Thailand.


Oak dining furniture said...

Those pictures really do make the hotels look luxurious - I really want to go! Great post

Phuket Hotels Thailand said...

Lawana Resort has lush tropical settings which provides plenty of shade around each bungalows.If anyone looking for hotel here, this is the place

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Jaz said...

Some hostels still require you to do some sort or cleaning chore in the morning to help keep costs low.

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Cheap Luxury Holidays said...

It would be great to stay at that luxurious hotel.
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Shiene @ hotel philippines said...

I love this Luxurious Hotel in Thailand I have a cousin there and I would like to suggest her to invite me there so that I could visit this hotel. I also love the environment here very relaxing and I know I can enjoy my staying in this place. Thanks for sharing.:)